Your Latest Feedback Questions are Answered

  • Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback on our latest blog.

    As I mentioned earlier, what you want and what you think is an integral part of how this community is run and what directions we take in the future.

    Having a lot on long-term experience with FB, I have seen - as most of you have – how a small amount of customer service they once offered via email - is all but gone.

    We don’t ever want to be that way; hence we want to engage YOU wherever  possible.

    I want to take the opportunity to reiterate that your feedback is always welcome, even when we aren’t blogging and asking you for it.

    So, here is the way you can get that to us.


    -         Contact forms in the header and footer of the site

    -         Site inbox: mine is open to the entire community

    -         Direct email:

    -         Staff: All staff have their title after their name, in order to be an easy visual reference of where you can get help from. You will also find a ‘staff block’ in the members/patriots section at the top of that page.

    The staff block is also available in the layout editor under ‘hire experts, featured members carousel’ so you can add it to your own profile, either in your header section, or in a sidebar, with a scroll capability enabled.

    If you want help installing it, let me know.


    Now to your feedback:


    Three things members asked for was:

    Unfollow: Removing yourself from receiving notifications when a lot of comments or likes are made on a post. This requires script modification/ programing to make that work.

    An edit comment function: that was available in the last engine and It was script modification/ programing to make that work.

    Spell check: Also requires script modification/ programing to make that work.


    All three are costly functions to have programmed, though that doesn’t mean we won’t get them, it will mean that we could be looking at up to about 60 days till they are all done.


    There has been a lot of overwhelming support for installing a ‘Donate’ button and that was recently done. In case you have modified your home feed page, that button appears on the bottom left corner below the ‘Announcement’ block.


    Again, I stress that donations are purely voluntary and there will be no harassing you for donations and no stigma attached to those that cannot or choose not to donate.


    If you wish to use a direct link to donate, use:


    The next blog asking for feedback will be published late march.



    Vin and the United Patriots Team.