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Things To Know About DUI And Legal Alcohol Limit

U.S residents and those traveling there are always warned against drinking and driving because alcohol slows people down, changes their natural response as well as altering their sound judgment. It is therefore important you learn basic facts DUI and drunk driving as this will keep you safe from not only breaking the law but also endangering other road users. Here are helpful facts on DUI and legal alcohol limit worth considering.

DUI(driving under the influence) refers to incidences where drivers drink alcohol or use other substances which are capable of changing the way they think and move. When it comes to alcohol the government has laid down a legal limit beyond which a driver will be declared unfit to drive. However, it is worth noting that even a small quantity of alcohol can affect your judgment and ability to drive and that is why you should avoid drinking entirely if you intend to drive.

The United States has the same alcohol limit as that of the United Kingdom. The limit for alcohol content in the US is 0.08 g/deciliter of the driver’s blood alcohol concentration, and if you are found driving with this concentration or more, you are guilty of drunk driving . At BAC concentrations beyond this limit you are considered a potential risk to yourself and other road users.

If you travel while drunk, here is what happens. The alcohol in the bloodstream will delay the transmission of the message from the driver’s eye to the brain. The way processing of information takes place also becomes difficult, and this delays the instructions to the body’s muscles and subsequently lead to slower reaction times.

Drivers who drive under the influence of alcohol in most cases have a blurred and double vision which negatively affect the way they see things. The urges that you usually repress as a driver are likely to be unleashed and that means you are likely to take dangerous risks.

The fact that alcohol affect how drivers react and make decisions means there is a higher likelihood for disaster for both the driver and other road users. That explain why DUI is considered a highly serious offense with severe penalties in a bid to reduce drunk drivers on the road.

While all the states in the United States are in agreement over the alcohol driving limit, the penalties for drinking and driving vary slightly. In general, if you are found drinking and driving, you will have to part with costly legal fees, fines and jail terms.

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